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Quest is a tool for continuous improvement, designed primarily for the management of leisure facilities and leisure development. Quest defines industry standards and good practice and encourages their ongoing development and delivery within a customer focused management framework.

There are two models to use for your team:

  1. The Facility Management (FM) model is aimed at the management of any facility which provides an activity for customers; public, private, trust and voluntary sector.
  2. The Sports Development (SD) model is aimed at the management of any team which provides or facilitates participation in an activity; public, private, trust and voluntary sectors.

Although initially designed for the sports and leisure industry, the good practice is flexible enough to relate to all cultural activities.
Each of the areas identified above has both a self-assessment improvement programme, and the opportunity for an independent external assessment.




“Quest, the UK Quality Scheme for Sport and Leisure, was established in September 1996 following extensive feasibility work, including consultation and a pilot study.   It has the endorsement of the four home country Sports Councils and is supported by a wide range of industry organisations who have played an important role in the development of the scheme, including:


Local Government Association, Chief Leisure Officers’ Association, ILAM, Fitness Industry Association, Institute of Sport & Recreation Management, LMCA and The Scottish Association of Directors of Leisure Services


These organisations make up Quest’s Industry Policy Committee (IPC) which is responsible for protecting the scheme’s credibility and taking all policy decisions relating to its implementation and further development.   A Scheme Manager (currently Right Directions) is responsible for delivering Quest, in partnership with the IPC”.


The scheme is managed by Right Directions in partnership with Leisure-net Solutions under contract to the home country sports councils.

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