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Caroline Constantine

Caroline Constantine
Quest and Right Directions Director


  • Caroline started working in the school holidays and weekends being a windsurfing instructor and working in bars, restaurants and shops
  • After a rather chilled out 3 years at Uni, she got a job as Duty Manager in Bridport Leisure Centre in 1991 to pay off her student debts. Whilst there she enjoyed achieving many coaching qualifications and instructing kids in numerous sports
  • Once in the industry, Caroline was hooked and loved the working environment, she then moved to Relaxion in 1992 and spent 12 years learning so much about the industry, including how to (and how not to) manage buildings and more importantly people!
  • Whilst working for Relaxion (then Leisure Connection, then 1life), she moved around the country working up the ‘Leisure Ladder’.  She managed numerous contracts across the country from Kent to Northumberland. Whilst working for Relaxion, Caroline became a Quest Assessor and was a member of the Quest Board representing the LMCA.
  • In 2004 Caroline, along with a colleague set up Right Directions and left the security of a full time job.  This was a stressful but exciting time for Caroline, as she was juggling setting up a new company whilst being a Mum to a 3 and 6 year old.
  • Now Caroline is loving managing Right Directions, building a fantastic team and supporting a great bunch of clients.


  • Degree in Sociology & Social Administration
  • ILAM Certificate
  • CIMSPA Member
  • Quest Assessor & previous Quest IPC Board Member
  • Various coaching and leisure related courses and certificates over the last 30 years


  • Caroline enjoys family life with three strapping lads (1 husband and 2 offspring!) all of whom are still eating into her ‘me time’.
  • Caroline spends most of her weekends and evenings in sports facilities, sneaking to the gym while her kids are swimming or playing badminton
  • She gets a lot of pleasure running a colony of beaver scouts as well as volunteering in the swimming club and badminton club where her kids are members.
  • When she gets some spare time Caroline loves being in the outdoors, whether it is tinkering in the garden or walking in the Chiltern Hills.