David Chalfen and Paul Coates

David Chalfen and Paul Coates
dchalfen@leevalleypark.org.uk /  pcoates@leevalleypark.org.uk

Quest Experience

Since 2008/09

Specialist Areas and Modules

Community Outcomes and Increasing Participation and Reducing Inactivity are our Stretch Modules.

Partnerships, quality assurance and outcomes are some of the areas where we put lot of emphasis in our ongoing work and in relation to Quest.

Advice for New Teams

Ensure key officers across relevant teams in your organisation are engaged and keep the paperwork thorough but not excessive to help achieve this.

Value of Quest

It is a fine way to keep continuous improvement in team members’ minds, to ensure that cross-team and partnership working is always done systematically, and keeps people aware of marginal things that can contribute to achieving this.