Dan Morris

Dan Morris

Quest Experience

6 years of involvement in the process including being part of 3 Excellent assessments.

Specialist Modules and Areas

  • Marketing, Research & Communication
  • Team Skills & Development
  • Financial Management & Performance
  • Cleaning & Housekeeping
  • Sales & Retention

Advice for New Centres

Start with the basics and be honest with yourself! Look at your processes and what you have in place, are they working and could they be improved? Getting the basics right will set the perfect foundation for achieving excellent.


Consider the Quest ‘Plan, Do, Measure, Review, Impact’ of what you do in the centre throughout the year and look for ways to improve.

Value of Quest

Quest is a really helpful tool to be used to understand how you are operating your centre and how it could be improved.


Every Quest assessment I’ve had has left me with great ideas and ways to improve what we do.