Kevin Williams

Kevin Williams

Quest Experience

I have been involved in centres that have incorporated the Quest process into daily operation and planning for over 12 years.

Specialist Areas and Modules

  • Operations 1 - Cleaning & Housekeeping
  • People 1 - Customer Experience
  • People 2 - Team & Skill Development
  • Purpose 5 - Planning to Improve
  • SPLUS45 - Sales & Retention
  • GPLUS30 - Safeguarding

Advice for New Centres

Build the Quest modules and standards into the operation of the centre.

Quest is a great benchmarking tool, but it is an even better tool for reviewing your standards, policies and business on a regular basis if the Quest process is built into the centre ethos. 

Value of Quest

Quest is a tool to be used for continuous improvement and by incorporating the process into the operation of the centre not only will it have a positive effect on the business but will have an effect on the development of your teams and as a result the customer experience will improve. Both myself and my teams fully value the Quest process.