Martyn Hinam

Martyn Hinam

Quest Experience

12 years

Specialist Areas and Modules

  • Planning to Improve
  • Swimming Lessons
  • Health and Fitness
  • Community Outcomes
  • Increasing Participation and Reducing Inactivity
  • Team and Skills Development

Advice for New Centre

Understand why you are embarking on the Quest journey.

Identify what you are looking to achieve and be ready to be open and honest about the activities and possibilities you can do for the future.    


Ultimately I believe the value of Quest is about helping make a positive difference to each centre, organisation or group. To raise the standards and help more people become physically active across the country. The value for communities and encouraging more people be engaged in activity and do something they have never done before, regardless of their income, ability, disability or beliefs.  Through the community engagement plans we have introduced at the centre, directly related to Quest we have made some significant changes to how we operate and the local groups we meet and liaise with. The Health and Safety Declaration would give organisations confidence that they are working to legislation, which is a crucial part of any operation.