Hannah Fautley

Hannah Fautley

Quest Experience

I have been involved with Quest as a centre manager for 4 years, 8 years all together as a Duty Manager & Assistant Manager.


Specialist Areas and Modules

  • Planning to Improve
  • Team & Skill Development
  • Sales & Retention
  • Environmental Management
  • Lifeguarding
  • Swimming Lessons

Advice for New Centres

The first piece of advice I would give a centre about to go through it for the first time, would be to download the supporting documents off the Quest NBS website read through it with your management team and then complete the audit yourself to see where you are at and what else you could implement to improve the operation of your centre and team.


Value of Quest

Being part of a large organisation, you can often get caught up with your own companies best practice and procedures. I think Quest is a useful tool, as the assessors are unbiased and knowledgeable and can give you additional ideas and ways to improve your centre for the better, which is what Quest is about.