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Paul Blakemore

Paul Blakemore
paulblakemore@everyoneactive.com                          01623511177

Quest Experience

I have been involved with Quest since the my first assessment in 2004

Specialist Areas and Modules

  • Customer Experience and Insights
  • Team and Skill Development
  • Cleaning and Housekeeping
  • Contribution to Health and Well-being
  • Sales and Retention
  • Increasing Participation and Reducing Inactivity

Advice for New Centres

Enjoy the experience of Quest and utilise the knowledge of the assessor, they will have seen some of the best practices in the industry up and down the country. Use the days to open your mind to new ideas and to continuously develop your facility and standards.  

Value of Quest

Quest has been an integral part of my leisure career since 2000. Some of the most influential and inspiring people I have met in the industry have been the Quest assessors. The assessors who attend your site for two days provide so much insight into your facilities, standards, procedures and continuous development.

The opportunity to benchmark ourselves against other sites both internally and externally and the opportunities to improve key areas of the business and provide a better service to our members is a major reason why Quest plays such an important part in the industry.

The relationship between Right Directions/Quest and CIMSPA can only be a good thing and a powerful partnership to ensure our industry is constantly developing and setting the highest of standards as we aim to get more people active both inside and outside of our facilities.