Gavin Lisle

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Quest Experience

I have been involved in the Quest Scheme for many years at various sites. My first assessment was as a Lifeguard and my most recent as a Site Manager. This has given me the knowledge to see the scheme from all angles. All in all over 15 years.

Specialist Areas and Modules

  • Lifeguarding
  • Health and Safety Management
  • Cleaning and Housekeeping
  • Team and Skill Development
  • Safeguarding

Advice for New Centres

Communication and even more communication. To succeed and perform to the highest standard, you want all areas of your business buying into this scheme. Share the best practice guidance notes available on the website and welcome all feedback.

Value of Quest

I see Quest as an essential tool for staff and business development. The selected modules allows you to expose members of your teams to areas that will enhance their knowledge and professional development. Sharing and adapting to best practices allows you to keep up to date within the industry and provide excellent customer service.