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Steve Salwa

Steve Salwa

Quest Experience

14 years

Specialist Areas and Modules

  • Team Skills and Development
  • Planning to Improve
  • Sales and Retention

Advice for New Centres

Don’t panic! Quest is all about continuous improvement so you will always have areas that you can improve on, don’t expect perfection.

Make sure you give yourself plenty of time, get Quest on the agenda nice and early and meet with your team often in the lead up.

If you have a colleague who is familiar with the process why not try a mock run some of the units using the criteria that is available on the Quest Website, this often helps get the team in the swing of what an assessment will be like.

Value of Quest

Quest gives a great framework of best practice for leisure operators.

I feel it offers a structure that is not rigid so allows a manager to operate in a way that works for them but gives guidance along the way.

The scheme gives a great way to bench mark facilities across the country and ensures that quality remains at the forefront of operators minds, this is especially important in these more challenging commercial waters of recent years.