Leisure-net Solutions


Leisure-net Solutions have worked as part of the consortium to manage and deliver the NBS Service since the companies formation in 1999. Leisure-net has nearly 20 years of leading customer insight and market intelligence knowledge that has made them into the first choice to deliver the Sport England NBS Service.

Our small team means that you will always have a knowledgeable and dedicated member of staff to handle your queries and guide you through the process, advising the best course of action to successfully take you through the process.

With our knowledge and reporting abilities, we can help guide you to using the valuable data from NBS to help shape and influence the future of your site.


4 global


4 global, through their Sport Intelligence practice, developed and now maintain the online NBS platform. This allows users to analyse and interpret their results more effectively, using the benchmarking approach to identify relative, relevant and up to date targets, and then track progress. 4 global is a sector leader in understanding how customer, programme, and facility data can come together so that all those involved can better understand outcomes and impacts of investment.


Max Associates


Working alongside 4Global, Leisure-net and Sheffield Hallam University, Max Associates are part of the consortium of organisations who have focused on re-launching and developing the Sport England National Benchmarking Service.

Using our experience as consultants within the sector, we consulted with a number key partners and industry professionals to not only determine the meaningful KPI’s that would shape NBS, but also to ensure the ongoing service was sustainable in a user friendly and attractive format.

On an ongoing basis, we provide consultancy with users of the platform to assist in reaching their strategic, operation and financial targets; including those around participation and indicators of health.


Sheffield Hallam University, Sport Industry Research Centre


The Sport Industry Research Centre (SIRC) is one of three sport-related research centres in the Faculty of Health and Wellbeing along with the Centre for Sport and Exercise Science (CSES) and the Centre for Sports Engineering Research (CSER).

The main focus of the centre's work is the use of applied economic techniques to solve the specific research requirements of our clients and to generate new knowledge about the sport and leisure industries.