To access your platform you will need a login and password, these will be sent via email to the person named on the booking form.


Submitting Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire Data

The research period needs to take place over 9 consecutive days covering 2 weekends, covering all opening hours during a ‘normal’ period (i.e. not school holidays for during a gala / competition). 

Paper Version

If using the paper version, 400 Customer Satisfaction questionnaires will be dispatched by courier to your facility. Photocopies cannot be used.

Electronic Version


Submitting Financial or Management Data

  • When you have collated all the information needed within your financial/management questionnaire, log in to your platform and input the information.
  • You will need to complete the financial questionnaire during the same period as the customer satisfaction survey (for Full & Effectiveness).
  • Use the link to access your NBS platform and enter your ID and password.
  • On the left hand side click on ‘Data Entry’ then ‘Financial Data’.
  • This will open the questionnaire. All questions need to be completed.
  • If you leave some questions incomplete you can click ‘Save & Don’t Submit’ which will save everything you have entered so far and allow you to go back and finish.
  • When you are happy all questions have been answered click ‘Save & Submit’ this will automatically let the team know all your data is ready and lock the data and no further changes can be made without contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Data Analysis and Reporting

The analysis will take four weeks from submitting your completed questionnaires and answering any queries raised. Your reports will be ready to view on your online platform.


Your platform will include:

  • Static and dynamic benchmarking
  • The centre's scores for the relevant performance indicators (depending on survey) compared with the latest available benchmark scores for centres nationally.
    • These benchmarks will be against centres of similar type, size, socioeconomic profile of the catchment area and management type (This is based on the information provided by the centre)
  • Facility specific interpretation of the performance results
  • A catchment area map for the centre, with key population statistics for this area


For the Full or Effectiveness report:

  • Frequency distributions for all the questions in the user survey
  • Mean scores, gap analysis and grid analysis for the customer satisfaction and importance scores