Quest Webinars allow you to undertake specific Quest module training without the need to leave the office or factor in travel time making it a time-efficient method of training and increasing your knowledge, Quest Webinars are endorsed by CIMSPA allowing you to earn CPD points whilst you learn.

Each webinar is delivered and hosted by a specialist in each field alongside a Quest Manager and Assessor to give complete insight into each module, the standards expected at assessment and what the assessor and mystery visitor will be looking for. Each session will consist of a 45-minute presentation and 15 Q&A session.

Webinars are free to attend, however if you want to receive CIMSPA CPD points for attending the webinar and a certificate of attendance there is a small admin fee of £5 per person.

Increasing Participation 2 - Webinar

GPLUS32 Increasing Participation and Reducing Inactivity

Do you work to promote an active nation? How do you target inactive people in your area to increase participation?

Benefits of attending:

  • Understand how to address inequalities in a pro-active way
  • Be able to provide evidence of positive outcomes
  • Identify ways to reduce the levels of inactivity across your catchment area 
  • Understand ways to enhance your local offer and provide inclusive, high quality and accessible opportunities for local people
Event Date 28/11/2017 10:00 am
Price Free or for CIMSPA CPD Points £5+VAT
Location Online

Programming for All - Webinar

GPLUS16 Programming for All

Do you have a programme that caters for the whole community? Does your programme attract, engage and retain to help increase market penetration and promote market development? Do you know how to show how you have increased participation through programming?

This webinar will look at the ways you can demonstrate how your programme has developed to create an inclusive environment which promotes diversity. Providing examples of best practice and guidance on what Excellent looks like this Webinar will give key insight into how your programming measures up in advance of your Quest Assessment as well as food for thought on how to continuously improve. 


Event Date 28/11/2017 12:00 pm
Cut off date 28/11/2017 10:00 am
Price Free or for CIMSPA CPD Points £5+VAT
Location Online

Engaging with Volunteers 2 - Webinar

GPLUS25 Engaging with Volunteers

How do you engage with volunteers? What opportunities do you have within your organisation for volunteers? Do you recognise and reward your volunteers?

Benefits of attending:

  • Understand how to put in place an effective plan to engage, recruit and develop volunteers 
  • Identify ways to engage with and develop a strong volunteering base 
  • Gain ideas on how to recognise and reward volunteers
  • Understand what Excellent engaging with volunteers looks like and what the Assessor will be looking for
Event Date 28/11/2017 2:00 pm
Price Free or for CIMSPA CPD Points £5+VAT
Location Online

Doorstep Sports - Webinar

GPLUS36 Doorstep Sport

The Doorstep Sports Webinar will help you prepare for your upcoming Quest Assessment. The session will provide insight into what the Assessor is looking for and to ensure that you are able to demonstrate your facility meets the Module guidance.

The Webinar will look at ways which you can show how you work with a range of local partners and the community to deliver a sport and physical programme that is engaging young people (teenagers and young adults) from disadvantaged backgrounds. Taking place at the right time, at the right place, in the right style, with the right people and at the right price to meet the needs of young people.

During the session Gary White of Streetgames will give insight into Best Practice, how to meet the Module Outcomes and guidance on what Excellent looks like.

Event Date 05/12/2017 2:00 pm
Price Free or for CIMSPA CPD Points £5+VAT
Location Online

Safeguarding 2 - Webinar

GPLUS30 Safeguarding for Children and Young People

Do you have robust procedures and systems in place for safeguarding the interests of children and young people? Do you know what your responsibilities are in relation safeguarding?

This webinar will help you to understand how to:

  • Ensure high quality experiences of sport and physical activity for children and young people.
  • Ensure Safeguarding Standards are in place, are reviewed and continuously improved upon.
  • Ensure Safeguarding practice is embedded at all levels within the organisation. 
  • Integrate the involvement of children and young people in the development and implementation of safeguarding processes.

Hosted by Nick Slinn, Child Protection in Sport Unit, NSPCC this webinar will give insight into not only the Quest Module but also help you to ensure you are fully aware of your safeguarding responsibilities and best practice in achieving them.

Event Date 14/12/2017 10:00 am
Price Free or for CIMSPA CPD Points £5+VAT
Location Online

National Benchmarking Service 2 (NBS) - Webinar


Do you know how NBS can benefit your facility? Do your staff understand NBS and the importance of the results?

Benefits of attending this webinar session include:

  • Understand how to generate information for the NBS efficiency and effective reports
  • Know how to analyse KPIs against industry benchmarks
  • Utilise NBS information to set appropriate targets for the improvement of the centre's performance
  • Identify good practice within similar venues - what does Excellent look like?
Event Date 14/12/2017 2:00 pm
Price Free or for CIMSPA CPD Points £5+VAT
Location Online